Retire your triangle

Few conductors place the triangle correctly and at the required distance, in addition, the placement of the triangles poses a risk to the driver.
The SOSLight® emergency beacon, allows other drivers to be alerted to the vehicle's situation thanks to its powerful 360º light and its long emission distance, which is why it makes it so effective.

Emergency light

The SOSLight® beacon emits a yellow auto light more than 1 km away and at 360º which generates high intensity flickers being the most effective way to indicate a breakdown, accident or emergency in any atmospheric condition and provided that it is correctly placed in an elevated position. Its neodymium magnets allow its adhesion on the roof of the vehicle.


The flashlight mode emits a white light that allows you to operate in complete darkness with both hands free. It is activated by pressing the power button twice and can then be placed on any magnetic surface.

How does it work?

After installing the 9-volt battery (6LR61) with the screwdriver (both included in the pack), turn on the beacon with a click and the emergency mode will be activated and then place the SOSLight beacon® in a visible place and near the danger. With two clicks the flashlight mode is activated. With three clicks the lighting stops.