SOSLight® Emergency Beacon (Customizable)



  • SOSLight serves as emergency signage in general, but is especially effective in road safety in cases of stop, breakdown or accident. Just by placing it on the roof, it will be able to alert immediately about an obstacle on the road, it is designed to signal the vehicle without having to get out of the car, it is approved and its use is authorized and recommended by the DGT.

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  • How does it work? With a click, the emergency mode is activated, which generates flickers of high intensity orange light to be as visible as possible. With two clicks the flashlight mode is activated, which produces a white light that allows to illuminate with total clarity. With three clicks the lighting stops.


  • Characteristics. SOSLight is an emergency light beacon that emits in 360º an intense triple flash of yellow color auto visible more than a kilometer. It also has the white light flashlight functionality that allows you to operate in complete darkness with both hands free. This equipment is static, should not be used on surfaces or objects subjected to strong movements or vibrations, as it could detach.


  • Emergency beacon and flashlight for car. It has a high-efficiency neodymium magnet that ensures its adhesion on the outside of your vehicle. High quality, autonomous, compact and lightweight.


  • Electrical safety. SOSLight is powered by a 9-volt 6LR61 type battery (included). When replacing the battery check that the type and voltage is correct (see diagram). This beacon is protected against polarity reversal. Do not try to disassemble the device, it would be unusable. Check the battery status periodically. Replace it when you notice a significant drop in light intensity. It is not a rechargeable equipment.