Magsafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger



  • Smart Three-in-One: All-in-one fast magnetic wireless charger, supports simultaneous charging of iPhone/iWatch/AirPods, supports fast charging of wireless charging mobile phones that meet QI standards, and is fully compatible
  • 25 W high power: Smart 3 chips, built-in PD chip, work at the same time, without interference with each other, super adsorption, fast positioning, charging speed up to 90%, presenting an efficient charging scheme.
  • Sensitive induction: The magnetic charging distance can reach 5mm and can be charged without removing the mobile phone case. It is convenient and simple. The mobile phone can be charged horizontally and vertically. You can chat and watch movies while charging.
  • High-tech: cool and dynamic magic lights, soft and not dazzling, giving you a new visual experience, if you want to turn off the lights, just tap the light switch.
  • Safety protection: short circuit protection, electromagnetic field protection, foreign body detection protection and 9 other types of protection, comprehensive protection of your digital products.