Nitrile gloves (100pcs.) Antivirus Bergamot



Bergamot nitrile gloves with antivirus certificate that reduce the risk of contamination. Latex-free and dust-free, they are hypoallergic suitable for people with sensitive skin, and also prevent dry skin. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and reduce the risk of punctures.

Ambidextrous gloves designed intelligently so that all gloves can be used in both the right and left hand, this allows to be put on more quickly. Ideal for any medical need, for laboratories, dentists, veterinarians, cosmetics, industrial use and hairdressers.

They offer an elastic and comfortable fit for men and women with several sizes available: XS/S/M/L/XL.

Our Bergamot gloves are disposable and help protect you from any contamination.


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