Disposable Transparent Gloves (500pcs.)



  • DISPOSABLE FOOD GLOVES: Made of industrial grade polyethylene material, BPA-free, odor-free, perfect for handling food in commercial or domestic use.
  • HIGH TEAR RESISTANCE: High-density polyethylene with strong seams, which offers adequate tear and puncture resistance, can be used to clean and cook the house.
  • APPLICATION: Disposable gloves are great for food preparation and delivery, snack consumption, food handling in the kitchen, home cooking applications, dishwasher cleaning operation. Disposable, clean and sanitary use.
  • CONTENTS: Contains 5 packs of 100 units each. in total 500 gloves. Easy to put on, easy to remove, lightweight disposable gloves for food preparation. One size fits all for adults, unisex and women, left and right hand. It refers to the design of the shape of the human hand, the universal one on the right and on the left. The flexible polished surface is non-slip and non-slip.
  • With these disposable gloves you can create a hygienic work environment, clean it and in any situation where you do not want to dirty your hands. This disposable accessory makes cleaning child’s play.